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A series of short guides to help you get the most out of our digital currency.

For Consumers

If you're new to digital currencies or don't own any yet, the best route to buying MUE is through an exchange website such as Bittrex, Abra or Bitsails.

You can purchase directly on: Bittrex.

Some online merchants that accept MUE can be found here: online merchants.


Download your wallet

Wallets store your digital currencies. Just install them on your preferred device and wait for them to sync up with the network. You could also choose to use one of our secure online at

If you haven't already set up your wallet, use the button below to crack on.

Download wallet now

The first time you load your wallet, it may take a while to sync. Don't worry, it only happens once!

Your could also use our secure online wallet

Get verified on Bittylicious

Bittylicious is a great option to quicky purchase MUE.

So head on over there, register an account, verify your email address and then log in and visit your profile.

For higher transaction amounts you'll need to enter your information to pass a few security checks. This will involve uploading identity documents. For more assistance, visit their helpful wiki.

You can still make anonymous purchases but the amount you can buy is severely reduced without verification.

Once you've submitted your documents, you should hear back shortly.

Find your receiving address

Your wallets address allows you to receive transactions from elsewhere and is what you'll use to send Monetary Unit to yourself from Bittylicious.

In the desktop wallet this can be found under:

File > Receiving Addresses

Copy your wallet address carefully!

Order your MUE

Go to the Bittylicious homepage and make you're logged in and verified.

Select 'buy', enter your amount and most importantly ensure you choose Monetary Unit from the currency dropdown.

When ready, select 'get some coins' and enter your payment details. Job done!

Always double check your address has been copied correctly into Bittylicious!

You'll be notified of the progress of the transaction and should receive your payment within minutes.


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