Why MonetaryUnit?

You've never seen a crypto currency quite like MonetaryUnit.

You can even earn interest on your wealth via staking!

The official MonetaryUnit wallet software allows you to, in a sense, operate your own bank, with an interest-earning option.

For those wishing to participate in MonetaryUnit governance, the interest-earning “masternode” option is available. Each masternode requires 500,000 MUE to be locked up, or “staked”, while the node is operational.

You can use the calculator below to estimate your own possible earnings.

MonetaryUnit Staking Rewards Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your monthly income earned through staking

Period Income
Daily: MUE
Weekly: MUE
Monthly: MUE
ROI: Yearly: MUE
Total monthly income $ MUE

Masternode Stats

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