Brand Identity -

The Way We See It

Our 'brand role' is a simple and powerful statement that guides everything we do, including how we look, think and talk to the world.


The purpose of this guide is to give you a solid foundation for any MUE-related interaction.

As MonetaryUnit continues to grow, both as a community and a cryptocurrency, one challenge we are faced with is learning how to refine the MUE brand identity and apply it cohesively to each of our products.


We have an easy and simple guide to follow, which reflects the transparency of MonetaryUnit.

We make it easy for you to get creative and translate your vision into design.

Solid Colors

We are subtle with colors. We mostly use our two main colors, and black for text.

Primary Colors


RGB (254, 149, 24)


RGB (254, 181, 24)

Secondary Colors


RGB (254, 218, 24)


RGB (74, 74, 74)


Our passion for colors doesn't stop at solid colors, we also created our identifying pattern.

Black header for this background

Black body text for this background

Main Background

Gradient: #FEB518 > #FE9518

Colored header for this background

White body text for this background

Secondary Background


Pattern Background

Light Pattern Background

Typographic Style

We are extremely serious about pushing our typographic experience to the next level.

Quicksand for headings

Roboto for body text

Brand Image

We use a combination of visual triggers to make our brand more appealing and easy to identify.


Our visual identity revolves around circles and images of friendly and inviting humans

You can use any photo from

Brand Recognition


The circles can have varying stroke styles

Modern UI

You can refer to iconic's collection of 223 icons and use them as needed.

After selecting an icon, follow the icon design guide to stay consistent.


Solid flat circle with centered white icon.

Use the primary color for background.

Invert the colors on colored backgrounds.


Open Iconic -

Engaging UI

The state of a button makes all the difference.

This makes it easy for the user to navigate the interface.







Logo Variations

We are decentralized, we are adaptable... So is our logo

Main Colors

Use on light backgrounds


Use on dark or colored backgrounds

On Black

Use on black only

Wanna talk?

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We love communicating on a personal level. This is the core of who we are and why MonetaryUnit exists.

We're your friends, and you are part of this community.

We exist to give you genuine advice and help you manage through the technical and conceptual difficulties.

No hidden agendas.

Transparancy unifies our community, we communicate in simple terms that any new user can understand, and we keep everyone in the loop and informed through social platforms.

Sometimes how you say something is more important than what you say

The Way We Communicate

For more information about our brand feel free to contact MonetaryUnit.